Our Values


Our Vision

To see all individuals and organisations given the opportunity to access quality education and make a conducive effort to improve and better their professional and personal futures.


Our Mission

To provide quality education and training to individuals and organisations with integrity, passion and a reputation for exceeding expectations and outcomes.


Our Objectives 


Aims to provide an inclusive, encouraging and supportive corporate culture to all employees (full-time and contractors).

Aims to operate as an effective and efficient organisation in an environment of continuous sustainable improvement, while meeting all community and government obligations.

Endeavours to consistently provide the community with access to education and training through affordable pricing and fee levels.

Strives to encourage participants with physical or intellectual disabilities to access and enrol in education, while providing the necessary support to those individuals or organisations.

Endeavours to exceed the expectations of our customers by fostering a conducive learning environment and contributing positively to our students and their organisation’s future.