This year MediQuest has introduced a more interactive approach to learning. A giant leap forward is the addition of which we hope will help us achieve greater outcomes for our students. All of our literacy and numeracy students should have already received their username and password via their communication books. If this has not happened please visit the contact page to request one.

Begin Tutorial.

1. Google – Go to your browser (internet explorer, chrome)

  • Type in
  • Click on the search box and type in   “literacy planet” as shown below
  • Click search

2. Student Login – Once search has completed click on the link “Student Login” as shown below

3. Login to Literacy Planet – Type in your username and password (usually found at the front of your communication book)  and click “Login”

4. Free Learning– Now that you are logged in, click on “Academy” then click on “Free Learning”

5. Choose your learning – Your trainer may give you specific exercises to complete via the communication book. Otherwise you can just get started. Start at Preschool and see how difficult it is. If it’s too easy then skip ahead to find a challenge.

6. Keep working at it – We recommend spending a minimum of 30 mins a day, three times a week on literacy planet. But feel free to do more, there’s no limit to what you can achieve!