Support for Students


Student Support Services


Course progress

MediQuest monitors students’ attendance at classes in accordance with the Student Attendance and Participation Policy and Procedure. Course progress is monitored and MediQuest provides assistance if the student is experiencing difficulties and not progressing through their course as per the course schedule.

Access to appropriate support services is provided to assist students to successfully complete their course within the scheduled duration. MediQuest may refer students to external sources if MediQuest is unable to sufficiently provide support for student’s learning needs. MediQuest may refer students to external organisations if they are experiencing personal/ welfare issues that are affecting their course progress.

MediQuest takes all reasonable and feasible steps to assist students so they can successfully complete their course within the course schedule.


Academic Support (including Language, Literacy and Numeracy)

MediQuest provides a range of standard adjustments to support our learners. The adjustments include:

  • large print materials,
  • use of colour in print materials,
  • concrete practical learning activities including gamification to increase engagement with learning,
  • familiar contexts for all learning activities,
  • high trainer to student ratios and one to one learning support in the classroom including assistance with fine motor skills such as steadying and provision of special writing equipment.

Students who are experiencing difficulties with any aspect of their course are encouraged to contact their trainer or any other member of staff. Our trainers are able to provide academic support to facilitate the successful completion of your course. In certain circumstances they may refer you to external agencies for support.


Welfare Support

We understand that our students sometimes require extra support to help them cope with their training course. Sometimes there can be personal issues that impact their successful course completion. Our relationships with professional welfare services ensure that our students are provided with access to services if required. Students who are experiencing issues that are impacting their studies are encouraged to contact their trainer or any other member of staff.


Student Library and Computer Services

MediQuest has a range of books (grammar, vocabulary, writing, reading etc) for students to borrow. For more information on library services pick up a leaflet at reception. Ask your trainer for more details.


Administration Services

We offer photocopying services.


Career and Further Study Counselling

Career and further study advice is provided to students. Contact the Training Manager for further details.


Student Feedback

To ensure we continually improve our training services and facilities MediQuest encourages students to give us feedback in an informal and formal way. All students are requested to complete a mid-course survey and are encouraged to approach any member of staff with informal feedback at any time. We would appreciate if you could please take a few minutes at the end of your course to complete the Learner Engagement Questionnaire.

Some students may be contacted to request their participation in a National Council for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) survey and/or Department endorsed research projects and/or the Departmental annual student outcome survey and/or be contacted by the Department or persons authorised by the Department for audit, review or investigation purposes.


Complaints and Appeals

If you wish to complain about any aspect of your training and assessment with us please approach a member of staff with informal complaints or formally by accessing the Complaints and Appeals process. Further information on the Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure can be found on the Policies and Procedures page of this website.

As the MediQuest registering body, the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) is the final arbiter of all complaints or appeals lodged with MediQuest. The VRQA are physically located at Level 4, Casselden, 2 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000 and can be contacted by post at GPO Box 2317, Melbourne, VIC, 3001. General phone contact is 03 9637 2806 (from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday) and email can be sent to The web address is


National Training Complaints Hotline

Vocational education and training (VET) students and employers now have a simple new complaints hotline to report rogue training providers. Assistant Minister for Education and Training Senator Simon Birmingham said that while the vast majority of providers were doing the right thing, a minority were ripping off students, employers and taxpayers.

To contact the National Training Complaints Hotline phone 13 38 73 and follow the prompts.