MediQuest interviews each prospective student to ensure that the students wishes and goals are considered in relation to the learning programs offered by MediQuest. Each student is then evaluated to determine their readiness for the courses that MediQuest offers. Our friendly and supportive staff ensure that the process is as simple and stress-free as possible.

Enrolment Process

To apply for a course please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Contact MediQuest to make an appointment to attend an information session. Prospective students are advised of the requirement to provide documentary proof of eligibility, qualifications and experience, and of the age requirements for enrolment.
  2. Attend an information session that covers dates, training and assessment methods, support for students, course duration and student time commitments, fees and charges. Attendees have the opportunity to have questions answered.
  3. Attend the Pre-Training Review session. This includes an interview with a MediQuest staff member and a language, literacy and numeracy evaluation. At this session the eligibility declaration form will be completed by Skills First funding applicants.
  4. A MediQuest Skills First Teacher will assess your application and you will be notified of the outcome within 5 working days. Successful students will have an Individual Learning Plan developed for them if additional support is needed.
  5. Successful students attend an enrolment day and complete the Enrolment Form.


Student’s performance is assessed in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the relevant training package or curriculum unit of competence. This may be in the form of answering questions in writing or verbally, keeping log books or through practical demonstrations of knowledge and skills developed.

Each unit of competency will normally involve two or three assessments and after each assessment the student’s submission will be marked S – satisfactory or U – unsatisfactory.

Students are allowed a second attempt to demonstrate competency at each assessment. If they are still unable to demonstrate competency at this point additional attempts are at the discretion of the Training Manager.

If a student is unable to demonstrate the required performance, they must re-enrol and undertake the training and assessment again. This will incur a fee.

Once you have been assessed against the standards you will receive a result of “C” for Competent or “NYC” for Not Yet Competent. Not Yet Competent means that you have not met the requirements of the unit and will be given the opportunity to fill any competency gaps to achieve a Competent result. If you do not complete all the requirements you will receive a Statement of Attainment detailing all the units you have successfully completed. For those that complete all units within the course, with a Competent result, a Certificate of Completion will be issued, detailing the course code and title and a record of results for all units within the course.

Certificates/Statements of Attainment

Students who successfully complete a qualification will be awarded a Certificate. Students who successfully complete an accredited course or some unit/s of competency/ accredited units from any training program, will be awarded a Statement of Attainment.

Re-Issuance of Certificates

Students may request a re-issuance of certification. This will only be available to the student after the student has produced identification that verifies the students identify these may include the following:

  •     Current Passport
  •     Birth Certificate
  •     Driver’s License

Certification will be re-issued at no cost but will clearly indicate the date of printing.

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December 23rd 2021 – January  9th 2022

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