MediQuest is the 2011 winner of the Gold Award for Excellence in Customer Service.
Some of the great feedback from our customers included:

  • “They consult and adapt the training program to suit my participants.”
  • “We like their flexible approach.”


Australian Achiever Awards

In 2010, MediQuest was highly recommended with a score of 94.68%
In 2010, MediQuest also received special commendation for its consistency in customer service
In 2008, MediQuest was highly recommended with a score of 83.37% for Customer Relations & Service

  • “They create their business to suit the need of the client. This means that their service is, automatically, very client focused. They really understand client needs”
  • “They have excellent communication and are very transparent, friendly, helpful and supportive. Everything was done very thoroughly, including the supply of lots of relevant support materials.”
  • “There’s a very clear understanding between us. Other people don’t understand the aspects of the alignment of what they’re doing and what we are trying to do. Understanding disability and what that means. Not only are they very professional they’re also very good lateral thinkers. Nothing is ever too much trouble. Things are walked through so both parties are aware of everything. They do everything they can so that we have a win/win situation.”

Business Hours: 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

MediQuest closes for 2 weeks
during the Christmas period
December 23rd 2021 – January  9th 2022

ABN: 63 070 808 687
RTO No: 5982